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The Parish of Chandler's Ford

Luili Hospital, Tanzania

Please help support a Mission Hospital and its local community

St Anne's Hospital in Luili, Tanzania, has 100 beds. It serves a population of about 200,000 people who live along the lakeshore. Due to the geographical situation with the Livingstone Mountains to the east, rising 1000m above the lakeshore, the hospital receives patients from a narrow, but long stretch along the lakeshore going as far as 100km to the north and about 70km to the south, including a small area from Mozambique.

Help is needed urgently for this remote, desperately impoverished area, where the average income is only £5 to £10 per year. The people are mainly subsistence farmers, or fishermen. There are few proper roads, little electricity, and only limited means of communication.


The Friends of St. Anne’s Hospital

This small charity was founded to support the work of the hospital, providing funding for training, purchase of medical supplies, equipment, and general aid.

It also supports the local community sending tools, gardening equipment, sewing machines, etc. for various projects and educational material for over 60 schools.

The Friends include a number of churches of different denominations, schools, organisations and businesses, hospitals and doctors’ surgeries and individuals.


How you can help

As a Parish, we hold regular fund raising events for Liuli, such as coffee mornings and craft and card sales to which you are invited, see our What's on for the latest events. We also have a packing team who meet weekly to pack items for transportation to Liuli. If you can help with fundraising, or the collection of items to send out to St. Anne’s, please contact the Hon. Secretary for a full list of the items needed. A separate list of hospital needs is available to anyone with medical connections.


The Friends’ Achievements

• Purchase of a Landcruiser ambulance

• Purchase of a lorry

• Provision of housing for the autoclave

• Re-roofing the hospital and repairs

• Provision of solar panelling and security fencing for the hospital

• Funding for medical supplies

• Training for doctors and medical staff

• Training for key community workers

• Provision of new water tank, pump and generator

• Eighteen containers of aid

• Special funding for amputees and other expensive treatment

• Assistance with housing for a disabled hospital worker

• Purchase of training aids


We have now completed the installation of a solar panelling system and re-wiring of the hospital to boost its supply of electricity, which is provided by a diesel generator. Diesel is both costly and in limited supply. This will make great savings in the hospital’s budget.


To find out how you can get involved, contact

Hon. Secretary

Mrs Margaret Crouch

Tel: 023 8058 6465