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The Parish of Chandler's Ford

What is Christian Baptism?

Jesus was baptised in the River Jordan by John the Baptist, and he spoke about the need for us to be born again in order to enter into life with God. Baptism is about being born again into God’s family, the Church.


A lifelong journey

Baptism is how we enter Church membership, and is the beginning of our Christian journey, our new life in Christ. Parents and Godparents, of children being baptised, make promises to encourage and guide the children so that they may grow in their understanding of the Christian faith. It is the Church’s hope that when the child becomes an adult, he/she will be able to reaffirm that faith in Confirmation.



The Church’s help

All enquiries about Baptism should be made to the Parish Office, which organises the service. Families are then visited by a Lay Pastor and later expected to attend a preparation evening with one of the clergy in St. Boniface Centre.


To help parents nurture the child’s spiritual journey there is Praise and Play, the Junior Church, the Holiday Club, and an annual Thanksgiving for Baptism service. The parish also provides a weekly course for adult enquirers.